Colorado Career Clusters

Student in the STEM PathwayCareer cluster models group careers and industries based on the common academic and technical knowledge and skills required of employees in each career.

The Colorado Career Cluster Model was developed by the Career and Technical Education segment of the Colorado Community College System. The Colorado Career Clusters provide a visual map for identifying relationships between career interests and developing an academic and career plan that focuses on one or more clusters. Career clusters offer students a relevant context for learning by linking class material with real-world careers.

Use of the Colorado Career Cluster Model will help students realize the direct link between the education they get in school and their ability to succeed in life. The career clusters guided district leaders in designing the APS curriculum. APS Pathways have been organized to mimic the career clusters and cover the range of skills associated with a career grouping.


Click on the image below to view a full-size version of the Colorado Career Cluster Model.

Colorado Career Cluster Model




Quick Facts

  • Studies show that students with coursework related to career goals tend to have higher educational aspirations and higher self-esteem.
  • On average, students that set career goals are more satisfied with their education than students who are indecisive about their future careers.

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